Running assessment, which is sometimes referred to as gait analysis, is a service for anyone that runs. Running is a simple, yet complex form of exercise that caters for varying levels of fitness and is a huge part of any sport. Because running is a weight bearing activity that requires the joints in our legs to absorb 3-4x of our bodyweight with each foot strike, plus the accumulated load through repetitive steps, it becomes apparent why running related injuries are so common!

Research suggests that each year about 70-80% of regular runners will sustain an injury that stops them from running for more than two weeks. But running is simple right? Anybody can run… however, the complexity of running lies in the technique, which can directly influence your risk of injury, injury rehabilitation and running performance.

A running analysis provides a detailed and accurate evaluation of your running style. A Revive Physiotherapy and Pilates running technique analysis can help you prevent reoccurring injury, improve performance, and achieve your running goals – for anyone from beginners right through to elite runners.

If you are new to running, or thinking about taking it up, check our blog “A Beginner’s Guide to Running” here.


What is a running assessment?

A running assessment is an individualised assessment of your running technique. It helps to identify how you run and allows us to identify areas that may be predisposed to injury or issues that may be contributing to your pain or injury. At Revive Physiotherapy and Pilates, once you have had an in-depth discussion with your physiotherapist involving your individual running goals, injury history and current running loads, a video analysis of your running will be recorded. This allows your physiotherapist to accurately identify your running technique in detail using specific markers and movement analysis. Video analysis is an extremely effective tool to improve running related injuries and performance!

Video analysis allows your physio to identify:

  • Poor mechanics of the foot, hip and ankle
  • Strength and stability
  • Muscle control
  • Stride inconsistencies
  • Unnecessary movements
  • Step rates
  • Optimal and suboptimal positioning


Once your technique has been analysed by your physiotherapist, specific recommendations can be made to improve your technique through gait retraining and a structured program to target specific areas.


Who will benefit from an assessment?

Anyone who runs! We can assist runners of all levels from beginners, weekend Park Runners, Ultra distance runners, marathon runners and athletes!

If you have sustained an injury and are looking to return to running pain free whilst maximising performance and preventing re-injury, we can help! We also love working with runners wanting to work on their technique to help with maximising their running performance; efficiency, cadence and injury prevention.


Common injuries and running assessment…

Running injuries are frustrating! Being runners ourselves, we have all been through them! Most often, running injuries result from overuse, improper technique, musculoskeletal deficits or load errors. Running assessments are an effective way to identify improper technique which can result in injury. Some of the common injuries we see relating to improper technique include:

  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner’s knee)
  • Shin splints
  • Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS)
  • Lower back overload
  • Muscular tightness – especially hamstrings and calf
  • Achilles tendinopathy

Can I use private health for a running assessment?

Yes, as our running assessments are conducted by experienced physiotherapists, Health Fund Rebates will apply to your consultation.


At Revive Physiotherapy and Pilates we have undertaken training in running biomechanics and are well equipped to give you the advice you need to help manage your pain or improve your performance. Whether you’re currently getting aches and pains during your run, wanting to stay injury-free, looking to improve your performance, or simply new to running and looking for guidance, a detailed running assessment can help you achieve your goals and bring out your best. Call (03) 9391 2600 or head to our website to book your assessment and get back on track!

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