Overloaded or incorrectly worn school bags can play a major role in a lot of neck, back and shoulder pain among children. With children heading back to school this week, we think it’s very important to highlight the impact that a school bag can have on a child’s body when used incorrectly.

How do school bags cause issues for children?

1. Bags being too heavy

This causes your child to lean too far forward, resulting in a rounded upper back and shoulders that slouch forward.

2. Wearing a bag on one shoulder

This can affect the neck, lower back and shoulder, resulting in pain due to the amount of load sitting on one side of the body.

3. Thin straps

Thin straps can dig into the shoulder muscles, causing pain while also putting a large strain on the neck throughout the day.

Top 7 tips to reduce the pain of going back to school!

  1. School bags should not weigh more than 10% of your child’s body weight.
  2. The school bag should be worn close to the body with heavier items placed nearest to your child’s back
  3. The school bag should be worn on both shoulders at all times.
  4. Buy school bags with wide straps that are comfortable on your child’s shoulders.
  5. Waist and chest straps on bags will significantly decrease the load on the shoulders and neck.
  6. To decrease the amount of weight in your child’s school bag, ensure they are only taking the books that they will need that day. (Arranging separate folders for each subject may help with this.)
  7. Encourage your child to be physically active throughout the day (even if that means you need to join in!).

If you are concerned about your child’s posture, aches and pains, or would just like some advice and guidance on keeping your child healthy and active this year, contact Revive Physio on (03) 9391-2600 or email us at info@revivephysio.com.au

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